06 November 2009

Your Personal AHEAD Story

Hi Readers!

We at AHEAD are encouraging you to submit your personal stories regarding your experience with AHEAD. It may be about how AHEAD has helped you in your studies... or it can be about how you made new friends during your stay at here.

Just like Graziel's story below, we are sure that you have a story that will inspire others to do better and be the best that they can be!

So, what are you waiting for? Share your experience with AHEAD and be the catalyst that will motivate others to take that important step in securing their future!

Second Chances (testimonial by Graziel, former AHEAD student)

When I was studying, I did not like Math. I absolutely dreaded it. I could not figure out how x and y worked together, nor did I 'get' what sin and cosine was all about. For sure, Math was my Achilles' heel, and whenever Exams Week came around, I spent extra time reviewing my Math notes, to the point wherein I was neglecting my other subjects.

I was able to graduate from high school though, and luckily, got accepted in my favored university. I guess my grades in other subjects were high enough to make up for my less than exceptional Math scores. For a while, I was able to enjoy my new campus, and all the things that being a freshman in one of the top universities afforded me.

Alas, in my 2nd semester, I got confronted with my old nemesis again. You're right, a pre-requisite Math 101 subject. "No biggie," I remember my prof saying, "this will be like we're reviewing your Math lessons from 3rd and 4th year..."

Ooops. That was exactly what was bothering me. It was then that I realized that I had to understand my Math. I was tired of being stressed out every time someone mentions Math or Trigo or Stats within hearing range. Besides, how was I to understand the more complex lessons when I was having trouble with the basics already?

With a little research, I found out about AHEAD. The person I was able to talk to during my selection process was very helpful and sympathetic. She did not laugh when I told her that I wanted to join a tutorial session for High School Math.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself at AHEAD. I was a bit embarrassed at first when I met my tutor (who was only a few years older than I was!) but again, I got over it real fast. She was very helpful and totally understood why I was doing the review.

For the first time in my life, I was able to understand my Math. Abstract concepts were patiently explained to me in simple terms, and little by little, I was able to get it. It was hard work in the beginning, but as my confidence in my Math skills started to increase, learning became easier. My tutor told me that the reason why I thought Math was difficult was because my foundation in Math was shaky.

Because of AHEAD's intervention, I am proud to say that I passed Math 101 with flying colors. Looking back, I think of all those report cards with the low Math grades that I had to ask my mom to sign and wonder if I should have taken tutorial sessions even then. Oh well, what ifs were never really my cup of tea. What i do know is that I am glad to have reviewed when I did, gladder that I chose AHEAD. AHEAD was my second chance to learn AND understand my High School Math.

-Graziel Estella (24 yrs.)
Marketing Assistant

28 October 2009

Tips and Tricks

Happy Halloween Everybody!!!

Another long weekend is coming up and we are sure that unlike the recent, unexpected break from school that you got, the Halloween break is one that you are looking forward to. Trick or Treating, costume parties and visits to relatives in the provinces are surely things to do in the upcoming days. But wait! Before you pack your bag with stuff that you think is important, but will later on just be a source of back and shoulder cramps, why not check out this list that we came up for you.

Things To Pack:

Toiletries - soap, shampoo, alcohol, sunblock lotion, mosquito repellant (All in travel sized containers. You'll be glad you left your big bottles of shampoo and conditioner at home. Promise.)

Underwear - no need to elaborate on this one.

Towel - that can also double as a pillow or blanket. Extra points if said towel is also quick drying.

One nice Black shirt - or if you prefer white, make it white. Why? These shades will go with anything. You can wear this shirt multiple times during your holidays and no one will say anything about it.

One pair of Pants - preferrably of a light material

One pair of Capri Pants

One pair of shorts

A nice skirt - (this will come real handy for on the spot dress up dinners, pair it with your black or white shirt)

2-3 shirts

A nice pair of flip-flops that can double as your slippers and go with your skirt.

(Wear your rubber shoes during your travel, that way, you can minimize the bulkiness of your bag)

Planning in advance what to wear and matching it with the activities you are planning to do will lessen the chance of you bringing unnecessary clothes and shoes. Not only that, but it will also free up precious space in your bag for other things that you HAVE to bring such as...

your assignments - We're quite sure your teachers would take advantage of the long weekend to give you assignments and projects, going on a vacation is not an excuse to neglect them. Also, doing them the night before you go back to school might not be a good thing because you will be tired from all the travelling and activities that you would've done by then.

a few reviewers - if there are any topics in school that you are having trouble with, now is the time to try to master them. Maybe being away from a classroom setup is just what you need to be able to focus.

A long weekend is definitely the time to catch up on leisure activities that take a backseat when you are in school. It can also be the time, however, to further your knowledge by doing advance reading or putting the things you learn in school into practical use. Use your time wisely this coming holiday and you'll find out that learning and having fun can be accomplished all at the same time.


21 August 2009

Virtual Tutors become possible with Ahead Interactive

Remember the times when tutors would visit the homes or worse when tutees need to go to their tutor's residences for an excruciating hour just to help students finish assignments for the day?

As parent, worrying about the tutor's snacks and how she'd get home is a concern. As a student, especially if you're lagging behind, the tutor's visit becomes embarrassing specially if there are visitors in the house.

Ahead Interactive has seen the need to make tutorial sessions hassle free using internet technology. With high speed internet bandwidths, clear audio and video machines, and a tutorial software that makes tutorials as if the tutor is there beside the student, tutorial sessions become fun and much awaited. Try Ahead Interactive and see the difference in your child's progress.

12 August 2009

Ahead Interactive helps students get quality time at home

Students in this e-generation are faced with increasing academic challenges. Reviewing seven subjects a day can cause stress to an eight or nine year old child. But how can children be ahead of the pack and reach their dreams if they are devoid of tutorial access? With Ahead Interactive, stress from daily tutorials is canceled out. This is made possible via the online tutorials made possible with high-speed internet access. Teachers and students come face to face using the virtual tools.

Ahead Interactive enables students to:

1. Work their homework at home.
2. Go home early instead of travel to the tutor's place.
3. Finish early with homework thereby getting to relax with family.
4. Experience the positive benefits one can get from the computer machine.

20 June 2009

Back to school with care

Yes, it’s definitely school time once more! It’s nice to see old friends and meet new ones. But before you begin the usual hugs and handshakes, take note of the tips on how to be physically virus free!

Some precautions so that we’ll stop the spread of the A(H1N1) virus:

1. Clean your hands with soap and water. You can also use 70% alcohol or alcohol-based rubs as an alternative.

2. Try to avoid severe contact with other people, if possible. Stay at least 1 meter away from everyone with influenza-like symptoms.

3. If in public area, use a mask to help prevent the spread of droplets.

4. Eat healthy food/snacks. These will make your body stronger and resistant from any virus.

5. Take vitamins, minerals and other immune boosters. These greatly helps protect your body from getting virus and sorts. Choose your nutritional supplements wisely – always go for quality, potency and not the cheap price.

6. Contact a health professional or visit your doctor for other information.

There you go, hope you’ll enjoy the start of your classes! Remember that it’s cool to be healthy and wise!

26 May 2009

A Summer Spent Well

by Marvin Diegor (Student Contributor)

It was another perfect morning. The sun was up and it was the 6th of May. Ah. What a beautiful way to welcome the day, if not for the annoying little alarm that kept on ringing since 9:00 AM! Argh! What in the world could an alarm be doing beside my bed, at an early time, at a summer morning, at the last month of my vacation, with the words: “Time for school!”?
And it all came down crashing in my aching head. It is my first day of studying what teachers took 4 years to teach me… in 19 days: High School.


THAT, up there, was my initial reaction to my summer class in Ahead. Now, a week later, I completely have no regrets whatsoever in waking up that day and taking the effort to take myself to what maybe my only hope to achieving the key to my future (nosebleed cue, right here).

Nope, I wasn’t taking summer class because I failed a few subjects. I’m taking them because I want to improve my grades, and most importantly, make sure that I can pass the college entrance tests which will be my turning point in life. Ultimate nerd? Yeah, I know. Well, we’ll just see about that 5 years from now, after graduation.

You see, I had realized that even if you are the son of the richest man or the daughter of the CEO of a leading company, you are not excused, in any way possible (and impossible), from failing in life because somehow you thought that education is not an important part of your existence that you actually planned to “skip it.” No, keine, iiya, nyet, ninguna, HINDI.

That, I realized quite some time ago, but I only saw it in action just a few days ago, in the 5th day of my class.

I hope you’re not yet bored because I still plan on telling you this story:

It was my language proficiency class. We were just about to start the discussion when our lecturer wrote something on the board: “Obama – Language.” And then, he asked us why US President Barrack Obama is crucial to our discussion. He asked everyone, but once you answer, you can’t answer anymore (his policy of giving everyone a fair chance). Anyways, I actually answered an earlier question so I can’t answer that one. I was irritated for that.

What disappoints me more is that no one was standing up to the challenge of answering it. It was a fairly easy question for anyone who has been watching the news. Finally, this girl stood up and said, “It’s because of his speeches.” And that’s how our lecturer started to tell how an African man became a master of the English language.

Well, what can we say about that? I know the news is one of the last things a teenager would watch. I’d be in another world if a kid would line up CNN with MTV and HBO. But just simply knowing what’s happening around you is a completely different thing. Knowing is not being “out” (or being baduy for most Pinoy kids). In fact, it puts you in the league of the “in.”

Knowing is learning. Learning is education. Education is crucial. And, as any other crucial thing, it’s hard to do. But it pays off in different ways; one of them would be an easy time to find jobs after graduation. A high salary might sound good too.

A few may know that some companies don’t accept graduates who didn’t come from the Top 3 universities of the country, namely the University of the Philippines, the Ateneo de Manila University and the De La Salle University (trivia: they’re also among the Top 500 universities in the world). Call it elitism, call it underestimation, and call it inequality or any other term that means “unfair,” but quality service starts with quality people who came from quality institutions.

And now, I sit in a classroom in the leading review center there is in the country, studying what the difference is between “its” and “it’s.” It might be a long way from mastering the language, but it’s a pair of words that will do as any in beginning the road to success. Going back to the basics is the simplest way to get ready for what’s ahead: the rest of your life.

It is 6:33 PM. Another one of my class has ended. It’s tiring, I freeze in the aircon’s wrath (it’s right in front of me. *wink*), and it gives me pimples. But at the end of the day, I know it’s worth it, and as the sun sets down, I know this would be a summer spent well.